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With Managed Network Services from TechBits, maintaining your company’s network is no longer something you have to worry about. From network expansion to equipment installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, we’re there for you every step of the way.

TechBits is the only IT service provider in Aruba with a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) on staff, meaning the network solutions we create for you will not only be efficient; they’ll be highly secure as well.

The all-encompassing nature of our Managed Network Services allows us to be extremely flexible and saves you the cost and headache of having multiple teams manage different parts of your network.


Security mistakes can be costly, especially for your company’s reputation. Thankfully, TechBits provides certified, world-class Managed Cyber Security Services that protect your company from the ever-shifting world of cyber security threats.

Sleep easy knowing that TechBits will build you a secure network, monitor the network 24/7 and respond with lightning speed to any threats.

Additionally, our Managed Cyber Security Service will keep your company compliant with local regulations. We take cyber security very seriously. Let our experts (including a Certified Information Systems Security Professional) take care of your cyber security while you focus on the opportunities that will help your business grow.



TechBits’ IT solutions incorporate cloud infrastructure where possible in order to save you money and also save you time and effort spent maintaining unnecessary local systems.

We have great relationships with key vendors in the cloud services sector, including Microsoft. As such, we’re able to provide you with enterprise-ready cloud solutions at reasonable prices.

Plus, since we can set up your hardware network solutions as well, you can be sure that your company’s cloud network will be fully integrated and compatible. No more headaches trying to get systems set up by different companies to function!


Having access to your data when and where you need it is a crucial part of running any business in the 21st century. Never worry about lost or inaccessible data again, with Data Protection Solutions from TechBits.

Our solutions incorporate state of the art backup technologies that let you and your team keep working, knowing your data will be safe even in the event of an accident or catastrophe.

Depending on what’s most effective, TechBits’ IT solutions incorporate both cloud and hardware-based systems, providing you the security and convenience of having your crucial data stored both locally and in the cloud.

When it comes time for recovery, our Data Protection Solutions will ensure you’re back up and running with the data you need right away.



With TechBits’ Help Desk Support, your team will never be left second-guessing who to contact for speedy technical assistance.

The TechBits Help Desk Support exists to maintain an open line of communication between your team and ours. Reach resolutions much faster by communicating with actual live agents that can troubleshoot your IT issues remotely or in-person.

Our service can also help you save money by reducing your reliance on in-house IT staff that have little to do when everything is running smoothly.

Plus, enjoy the convenience of having the same team that installs and maintains your network systems troubleshoot them as well.


Are you ready to move past the standard, free email services that have your company lagging behind its competitors?

Achieve enterprise-level security and maintain organization-wide connectivity with Hosted Exchange Email Services from TechBits.

Setting up an Exchange Server on your own can be costly and headache-inducing. Take that off your plate with affordable services from the TechBits team, that has extensive experience managing Exchange Servers for businesses just like yours.

We’ll create an Exchange solution that suits your company’s needs, whether you need larger attachments or more inbox storage space.

Let us help you tap into Microsoft’s ever-expanding Exchange system that thousands of successful businesses rely on.



With Server Virtualization Services from TechBits, future-proof your business’ crucial technical operations.

Increase your company’s flexibility and resilience thanks to decentralization and a decreased reliance on physical hardware that can slow you down in key moments.

Let TechBits ensure that your company remains agile and competitive, all while reducing costs associated with running excessive amounts of hardware for day to day operations.

Because TechBits has expertise in managing physical, cloud-based and virtual systems, you can rest assured in knowing that the network solution we create for you will incorporate all three when necessary to ensure you have a hyper-efficient network that grows with your business.